M&H Carriers 35 Years

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Our communities – and the way our deliveries impact them – are incredibly important to everything we do at M&H Carriers.

About M&H Carriers: Leading Scottish Distributors

M&H Carriers has always been guided by one purpose – to support its customers. Throughout its 35 years, the company has helped to empower local businesses to expand their outreach; it has invested in local communities to bring much needed delivery teams to those in remote locations; and it continues to improve and adapt its services using innovative technologies and processes to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

Managing director Fraser MacLean and the M&H Carriers team have shown the nation that they mean business. Working tirelessly through unprecedented conditions, M&H Carriers has seen its team grow to nearly 300 people – supported by a fleet of over 200 vehicles including artic lorries, HGVs, vans and 10 fully electric vans. In fact, the firm was the first in the Highlands to commit to electrifying its last-mile delivery fleet.

With the recent investment in a new hub on the outskirts of Glasgow – supported by two new satellite depots in Oban and Tarbert, and five further satellite depots in the Highlands and Islands – the M&H Carriers network now operates four hubs and 10 satellite depots across the country.

Providing unrivalled coverage in north and central Scotland, Fraser has revolutionised M&H Carriers’ services and built the company to the point it is at today – working with national multi-carrier operators and pallet distribution networks to ensure deliveries are completed successfully across the UK.

What makes M&H Carriers stand out from the crowd is its dedication to the local communities it serves. From humble beginnings in 1987, using a car and trailer to operate from a council house in Aberdeen, M&H Carriers has grown into an award-winning national business.

Remembering Magnus Slater, who sadly passed away in July 2022

A well respected leader, a true one off character, a legend. These are just some of the words used to describe Magnus Slater, founder of M&H Carriers.

Magnus Slater

But how did it all begin?

After a fateful disagreement with a boss that saw him leave his job, Magnus took a leap of faith and used his redundancy money to start his own business in 1987, with wife Helen by his side (the ‘H’ in M&H!).

Taking it all in his stride, Magnus built the business organically, growing around his customers’ needs and always looking to the future. Throughout his tenure with M&H Carriers, Magnus was never afraid to get his hands dirty – often jumping behind the wheel of a truck or forklift when needed. Never asking anyone to do anything he wouldn’t himself, he thrived in new situations – always the first to take on deliveries to new locations or join the first shifts when new depots opened.

In 2019, it was time for Magnus to hang up his his-vis jacket and enjoy semi-retired life back in Australia, leaving the day-to-day operations of M&H Carriers to managing director Fraser. Despite his reduced role, he was still involved in decision making and helping to shape the future of the company – along with his passion for purchasing fleet vehicles, negotiating hard with many motor dealers in the process. Magnus sadly passed away in 2022, leaving behind him a considerable legacy. Today, his passion and life’s work continues to support SMEs and local businesses with the help of Fraser, the M&H Carriers team, and his three children, Sam, Richard and Alexis.