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I Made It Happen in April 2021

Gary Wood - Aberdeen - Apr21

Aberdeen - Gary Wood

Extra mile for Gary was compliments from customers on his helpfulness, always cheery and brightens up people with his singing. Also Gary has complimented managers on the improvement on new loading system loving that he can do at least 3 trips a day making a difference to Aberdeen depot.

Aberdeen (2-man) - Derek Watt

Due to holding together the Home Delivery whilst trying to operate under extreme pressure due to volumes and changes to operation. Worked superbly to ensure all stuck together regardless of what was thrown at him, and also with the new starts we had to take on to deal with volumes.

Derek Watt - 2Man - Apr21
Morton Wilkie - Dundee - Apr21

Dundee - Morton Wilkie

Morton was selected for the additional work in April as there was only him and Kris in the office he was starting at 7.30 am and doing the drivers sheets he isnt supposed to be starting till 8am.

Inverness - John Montgomery

John has continued to ensure that the Inverness depot has the highest amount of revenue from cubing items into the depot. John comes to work with a smile on his face and is always able to lift the spirits of others with his humour and hard work.

John Montgomery - Inverness - Apr21