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I Made It Happen in February 2022

Stephen Christofos - Aberdeen - Feb22

Aberdeen – Stephen Christofos

Stephen is a gentleman and nothing is ever too much trouble. He is liked by all staff and a valuable member of the team.

Dundee – Sinead Banks

Sinead has taking on additional work in the traffic office whilst the office is currently a person short and has been working on reducing the outstanding POD list every day along with calling customers to book goods in for the 2-man operations along with pursuing UPN depots for additional revenue for pallets that have to be handballed she also made the most amazing soup , she was bringing a pot soup in every other day for the yard and warehouse staff to enjoy during the cold months of the winter.

Sinead Banks - Dundee - Feb22

Inverness – Isabel Steel

Isabel has learned the DX side of the operational admin, along with the other duties in Inverness and has never complained, and has dealt with many complicated issues in a most professional way to ensure that no M&H customers have had any major issues with the administration in Inverness.