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I Made It Happen in September 2021

Patryk - Aberdeen - Sep21

Aberdeen - Patryk Kwiatkowski

Patryk made it Happen by upgrading his licence to Class 1 on his own merit, this gives us another Class 1 driver that we so urgently need in the company. He has been on 2 man since starting with ourselves now where needed he has been very amenable doing different trunks days and nightshift nothing is any problem for him a pleasure to work with.

Dundee - Kevin Killen

Since Kevin started with us he has shown a great level care in the job, always arriving for work 30 mins before his starting time and showing a high standard of work.

Jordan Fraser - Inverness - Sep21

Inverness - Jordan Fraser

Jordan from the DPD Inverness Warehouse is getting it after staying late to assist in loading the trunks at night over a long period and being a conscientious team player ensuring that all tasks were completed at the end of the daily Operation out with his working hours.